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Omni-Life Vibe Central Hong Kong


By Anat Givon, The Anat Givon Small Print Collection


The city’s ceaseless energy is palpable when viewed from a high vantage point in Central Hong Kong.   This pounding heart of Hong Kong is everywhere, including its reflection in the night sky as we look up.


This enhanced cityscape conveys the dynamism omnipresent in the no holds barred impact of this city’s business and entertainment hub.  Another layer of meaning is added in the photographer’s slightly oddly contrasting light between the left and right sides of this picture; the duality of light and dark is perhaps an inevitable essence of an eternally restless city.



A3+ (48.3cm x 32.9cm) - HK$2,600
A1   (84cm x 59.7cm)    - HK$3,500
The prints will be fine art prints on archival matte paper.
Delivery time: 7 working days.


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