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Moon Rises Over Lower Cheung Sha Beach


By Anat Givon, The Anat Givon Small Print Collection

A slightly surreal dreamy landscape with a full moon rising over the houses of a tiny village was captured on a clear summer evening on lower Cheung Sha beach South Lantau. Added effects meant to enhance the scene’s timelessness.

This slightly surreal capture of a tiny village on Lower Cheung Sha Beach is a lot like a picture torn out of a holiday brochure of yesteryear.  A timelessness and romanticism are brought to this picture-postcard scene with vintage tones, added to by the effects of layering of wear and tear over time, from years of handling by someone who has treasured the image by folding it away for future recollection.


A3+ (48cm x 34cm) - HK$2,600
A1   (84cm x 59.7cm)    - HK$3,500
The prints will be fine art prints on archival matte paper.
Delivery time: 7 working days.

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