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SooqCentral:Monts Boises Scented Bouquet 200ml / 15 sticks

Monts Boises Scented Bouquet 200ml / 15 sticks


Endlessly refillable, this Monts Boisés scented bouquet is a chic ornament that will continuously and rapidly bring delightful pine and oak fragrances to your roomLet your mind be transported into a world of calm, luxury, and intimacy.

- Lasts 2 months in a 20 sqm room
- Handcrafted in France
- Made of natural ingredients in the city of Grasse in France, where all the most famous perfumers are based
- Included in this pack: a glass vase, a bottle of scented diffuser solution, a set of 15 natural plant fiber diffusing sticks

"Maison of Excellence", French brand Blanc Des Vosges presents an array of beautiful, high quality and stylish bed linens and home accessories that create the ultimate haven for your home.

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