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Fine Art Kits - Painting Workshop


From children to teenagers, parents to grand-parents, everyone can produce a masterpiece.  With easy to follow steps, learn a new skill and be as creative as you can be.  Chameleon Workshop aims to make Fine Art easy and accessible with this fun educational range.  This is more than just a one off activity.  Every pack contains extra tips and ideas so that you can keep producing amazing artwork.  

The Kits are designed and created by artist Eleanor McColl who has been teaching children and adults as well as working as an artist in residence in international schools for over 16. Eleanor set up Chameleon Workshop in 2002 and although she continues to teach on a small scale,  her main focus today is her own artwork. “ Today our children grow up  surrounded by the wonders of technology and, as we all know, sometimes the simple pleasures are forgotten.  I feel passionately about passing on a sense of creative adventure to my kids; not only the fun of exploring and experimenting with different mediums, but also the challenge of working something out, honing a skill and getting better at it.  I wanted to develop something special, something that engages both children and parents and when they can learn together”.

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