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Air Travel Kit


This super kit contains 6 activities which can mean 3+ hours of fun (in-flight or out)! Create face masks and pretend to be a pilot, use the magnet to "navigate" the airplane from the gate to take-off, write secret messages using invisible pens, document your travel adventures in your own comic strip, send a post card to your loved ones back home or play i-spy bingo! Tons of activities to keep kids occupied. Say good bye to "are we there yet?"

The box is 7"x10"x1" (imagine a 1" i-Pad) 

All activities are tested on kids (age 3 - 9) to make sure they are safe and fun! Everything's included, so you can start creating right out of the box. 

Skill sets developed: 

Attention Span Building, 

Curiosity Building, 

Creativity and Imagination, 

Hand and Eye Co-ordination, 

General Knowledge, 

Object Recognition

Min Age: 4 years

Materials Included:

Face cutouts

Dress up pieces

Glue stick

Elastic string



Foam shapes

Maze support





Paper clip

Comic books

Secret Message Notebook

UV pen

Bingo cards

Graphic and easy to "read" instruction journal with games!

Note: Colours of certain materials may wary from those shown in the pictures.