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SooqCentral:Full Moon Over Upper Cheung Sha Beach

Full Moon Over Upper Cheung Sha Beach


By Anat Givon, The Anat Givon Small Print Collection

This slightly haunting seaside landscape at night appears as much an impressionist painting as a photograph of Lower Cheung Sha Beach. A clear Summer, full moon is dreamily reflected in a calm South China Sea. The beautifully silhouetted, restful pines in the foreground are slightly eerily detracted from by distant lights that remind the viewer of ever-present animation behind even the most serene of scenes. 

Light seems to be scratched through a classic coastline painting creating a transfixing juxtaposition of a natural treeline scene that transports the viewer beyond this locale, while being pulled back to South Lantau even as the eye is drawn out to sea.



A3+ (48.3cm x 32.9cm) -  HK$2,600
A1   (84cm x 59.7cm)    - HK$3,500
The prints will be fine art prints on archival matte paper.
Delivery time: 7 working days.

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