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City of Dreams


By Anat Givon, The Anat Givon Small Print Collection

This segmented capture of Hong Kong’s illuminated night-time cityscape is starkly layered in contrasting light levels.  Givon highlights graduated levels of activity of the city’s inhabitants in light, from the darkened, sleepy residential outskirts, to the luminescent heart of the commercial district that never sleeps.

At the base of the image, in the foreground, the mountain forms a natural terrain for Hong Kong people to build their lives on while in the background a crown of light forms yet another layer.   The viewer is thus somewhat immersed in a cityscape made all the more powerful.


A3+ (48.3cm x 32.9cm) - HK$2,600
A1   (84cm x 59.7cm)    - HK$3,500
The prints will be fine art prints on archival matte paper.
Delivery time: 7 working days.

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