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The Anat Givon Small Print Collection

Anat is a photographer & digital artist. Born in Israel, lived & worked in the Middle East & South East Asia. Hong Kong has been her base since 1995.
Anat grew up in Israel, Europe & Africa. After a two-year military service in the Israeli army she has studied photography in Jerusalem & went on to work as a press photographer in Israel, then Bangkok from where she covered Southeast Asia extensively, making frequent trips around the
region & beyond, then Hong Kong to cover the transfer from British rule to China & stayed.
After years of working as a press photographer, Anat has taken her skills & experience a step further & established herself as a digital artist. Her pictures are, almost always, based on photography but she now takes her images to another level by digitally merging photography with computer graphics, creating images that, while often still rely on traditional photographic aesthetics, are transformed into rather more quirky images or at times, into improbable or even a fantastical reality.
Working with art consultants, interior designers & private
customers Anat’s work has been commissioned by banks,
office & commercial spaces, restaurants & private collectors.