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Glowing Firefly


Make a firefly that actually glows in the dark and even "flies" along a zipline! Use glow sticks, bottles, googly eyes and stickers to create your fly. Then play with it for hours of exploration and fun!

All activities are tested on kids (age 3 - 9) to make sure they are safe and fun! Everything's included, so you can start creating right out of the box.

The box is 5"x7"x2".

Skill sets developed: Attention Span Building, Colour and Shape Recognition, Curiosity Building, Creativity and Imagination, Hand and Eye Co-ordination

Min Age: 4 years

Materials Included: 

·       Bottle

·       Glue dots

·       String

·       Straw

·       Googly eyes

·       Pipe cleaner

·       Clear and colourful stickers

·       Glowsticks

·       Graphic and easy to "read" instruction sheet

Note: Colours of certain materials may wary from those shown in the pictures.

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