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Fuzzy Pom Pom Pets


Create 2 fuzzy friends (or monsters!) with a giant pom pom winder and all the accessories you need. Explore imaginative storytelling by adopting them and learning to take care of them. Hours of creativity, exploration and learning with your pretend friends!

All activities are tested on kids (age 3 - 9) to make sure they are safe and fun! Everything's included, so you can start creating right out of the box. 
The box is 5"x7"x1.5" - small enough to fit in to goodie bags, handbag etc.
Skill sets developed: Attention Span Building, Curiosity Building, Creativity and Imagination, Hand and Eye Co-ordination, General Knowledge, Object Recognition, Motor Skills
Min Age: 4 years
Materials Included: 
  • Yarns
  • Pom pom winder
  • Sticker
  • Gluedots
  • Scissors
  • Pet adoption forms
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Nose and feet cutouts
  • Graphic and easy to "read" instruction sheet

Note: Colours of certain materials may wary from those shown in the pictures.

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