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Introducing Anat Givon Small Print Collection

Anat Givon Hong Kong Photography New Arrival New Release

Sooq Central has secured yet another coup in bringing some arresting images of Hong Kong and China’s hidden gems to lovers of intelligent digital artistry.

 Anat Givon

Anat Givon is a highly experienced photojournalist and latterly renowned digital artist, whose work is commissioned by private collectors and corporations in Hong Kong and beyond.  She brings a depth of insight from living and working in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and South-East Asia and brings her wider perspective to her images of Hong Kong, where she has been based since 1995.


Her background as a press photographer is clearly apparent in her skills of capturing the moment and sharing the essence of a story, but she enhances the on-looker’s experience with digital artistry that conveys another perspective than a still photograph can convey.  Clever use of computer graphics transforms her images into rather more quirky, occasionally improbable, or even fantastical realities that Sooq Central customers will be transfixed and transported by.  Givon says she wants to “… take the captured image further, to convey to the viewer what I felt at the moment of taking the picture.”  This work certainly takes her audience beyond the surface of Hong Kong and Cheung Sha Beach into a search for meaning wherever they find themselves and prints can be found for sale at… from 21 October 2019.



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